Another Series of Awesome Events…

Minggu kemaren, entah kenapa terjadi banyak kejadian yang menurut gw cukup membuat gw bergerak kembali untuk ngupdate blog gw ini.

Dimulai dari gw yang kembali jatoh sakit, kena flu entah dari mana, yang sepertinya minggu kemaren tuh bener-bener lagi ngetren banget yang namanya FLU. Pada saat dimana gw kena flu itu, senggaknya ada lebih dari 10 orang kenalan gw yang kena flu juga. Luar biasa…

Tadinya emang cumin flu ringan, pilek-pilek dikit doang.. Tapi lama-lama pake ditambah radang tenggorokan ama demam segala. Sampe terpaksa gw minta jemput ortu bias pulang pas hari selasa kemaren. Jadinya gw kagak masuk kuliah tuh dari selasa-kamis. Ngebo doang dirumah… makan-ngobat-tidur… (tentunya tak lupa sambil donlot&browsing.. :-P)

Pas hari Rabu nya, gw diingetin si Daniel buat nonton si Edo berlaga di acara seleksi final Abang-None 2009 di tipi. Untung diingetin, gw bener-bener lupa tuh tadinya…^^ Baca lebih lanjut


Some sort of Plan

This is my first attempt of posting a blog post using Microsoft Word…

Actually, it’s not important.

Furthermore, I’m starting to question myself on why I keep writing my new blog in a screwed ENGLISH like this… Honestly I don’t quite confident in my English writing skill. Maybe somehow I feel like it’s just awesome to write in english.

But I was wrong. There’s actually A LOT of things I wanted to express in my blog. But it seems that writing all of those in english is pretty troublesome. So I have given up on it before I realized.

And so… suddenly I have some fabulous idea. Why don’t I write in both (crappy)Indonesian and (screwed)English?

Well then.. Expect some bilingual posts next time… (or maybe not?)

Awesome week…

This week, has become a really awesome one. As far as I can remember:


Suddenly feeling sick since I got up that morning. Bath was sooo freezing. Obviously I have a cold. The worst thing is, afteI took a dosage of Dec*lgen, I HIBERNATE. YEAH, HIBERNATE LIKE A POLAR BEAR. I slept from noon to midnight, brilliant.


Didn’t take any sleep after hibernating until subuh, then sleep. Again. *applause*

My adventure in pillow land ended somehow at noon. Then suddenly I got called by Raufan, he said, “Hey, Daniel’s celebrating his birthday by treating us in Pizza Hut here, You come??”. OMGWTFBBQ, I didn’t knew that the ‘traktiran’ was that day…

Despite my health that wasn’t fully healed yet, I rushed to Margo City anyway, hohoho… 🙂  sickness such as these won’t stop me from a FREE LUNCH, especialy at PIZZA HUT *drools*

The lunch was okay, but there’s some stupid things I’ve done after we finished eating. I PLAYED PUMP at TimeZone…. (FYI: “PUMP” I mentioned here is some sort of dancing game like DDR)

JUST AS PLANNED, I got tired… My stomach hurts, my head aches. I did’nt know why.

Baca lebih lanjut

Some Sort of “Reborn”..


Finally… I UPDATED MY BLOG!! (is this even supposed to be something awewsome?)
I changed template, ‘get rid’ of all the old posts, and hopefulli starting a new one 🙂

Also, I was retarded enough to take 10000++ hours on Inkscape+GIMP to make that lame header up there…

So, Just consider this post as a new “Hello World” post, lol